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Nurse with Patient

We're here to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones and answer any questions you may have.
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Homecare Services

Full-time, Part-time, 24/7 and Hourly Domestic Support

Our top priority at Christopher James Hospitality Homecare is making these services available to you and your loved ones in the most easy way possible.

Aging and the transitions that come with it can be difficult; so with empathy, experience and attention to detail, we are here to make your process as smooth as possible. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process dedicates us to saving you time, worry, and distress!


Aging doesn't mean you have to do it alone; the

right companionship supports both one's physical safety and emotional well-being!

                     - Accompaniment to/from                                             medical appointments

                     - Social events

                     - Recreational activities

                     - Walking/Outdoor time

                     - Games/entertainment

                     - Education/hobbies

                     - Sort and organize mail

Health Monitoring

Health is at the core of any quality caregiving. Prioritizing one's health and safety around the clock means a longer and happier life inside and out!

                     - Safe mobility assistance

                     - Medication reminders

                     - Memory loss care

                     - Liquid intake

                     - Exercise/stretching

                     - Periodic visits from a 

                       Registered Nurse upon request

Personal Care

As one ages, we believe that proper hygiene has the power to encourage independence, restore confidence, and maintain personal dignity.


                  - Bathing/shower assistance

                  - General hygiene

                  - Grooming

                  - Dressing

                  - Bathroom use

                  - Appointment scheduling


We are easily affected by our direct surroundings! 

Maintaining the cleanliness of a home ensures one's safety, comfort, and mental health on a daily basis. 

                  - Dusting/vacuuming

                  - Dishes

                  - Laundry

                  - Changing bed linens

                  - Home organization

                  - Taking out trash 


Keeping up with errands can be very

challenging; assistance with external tasks and duties provides loved ones with more security, ease, and a stress-free life.

                   - Grocery shopping

                   - Prescription pick-up

                   - Post office

                   - Pet care

                   - Personal necessities

Meal Preperation

Let's make sure of no more loneliness during mealtime! Whether it's the prep or eating, food is meant to be shared and

enjoyed together.

                  - Prepare favorite meals

                  - Food intake/eating assistance

                  - Plan for dietary restrictions

                  - Monitor food freshness

                  - Kitchen clean-up

- Full-time Live-in Homecare
- Part-time Domestic Support
- Assisted Living Companions
- Hospital/Nursing/Rehabilitation     Center Support
- Travel & Transfer Care
             & More!

As well as the
New York Metropolitan Area's
Highest Quality...

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Our Process

Given our unyielding commitment and passion to hospitality, we tailor a personalized caregiving program uniquely designed to meet your needs. To do this, our service begins with a detailed consultation to determine personal strengths and areas of opportunity where extra support might be helpful - as well as create a personal connection to you and understand your needs thoroughly.

Whether it's you or a loved one, we look at the patient at home and the circumstances from top to bottom; from the health conditions of the body, mind, and spirit, to the logistics of your home and resources to provide the best and safest care. We discuss personal priorities and preferences, and match your caregiver accordingly.


Once you are matched to the best caregiver suited to you, we will be here for you however, whenever you need us; from 24/7 contact to the exquisite compassion of our team, our process is designed to ensure your peace of mind from your very first consultation.


Let us help you! Give us a call at (516) 220-2823 


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